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About W4ZD

Hello! I'm Marv Luse, W4ZD. I was first licensed in 1966 as WN4CIE, when I was in high school. My station then was pretty modest: a Heath GR-64 general coverage receiver and a homebrew 1-tube transmitter running about 25 watts input into a 40m dipole. Though modest, I managed to work 40-something states on 40m and 15m CW. I still have that old license, having carried it around with me all these years. Here's a pic:

Over the years, because of life circumstances, I've been in and out of ham radio a number of times. Some of my old calls include WB4FRH, KC0EGB, and AB0IO. At the present I still run what I would call a modest station: a Ten-Tec Omni VI Plus feeding an OCF dipole via an antenna tuner. Here's my current shack:

Here's an older shack, showing me ca. 2007 and the rig I used then, a Ten-Tec Jupiter. The Jupiter is a really great basic rig. I worked a lot of DX with it at my QTH then, which was at elevation 7200 ft in the mountains NW of Fort Collins, Colorado. Later, I added a Ten-Tec Centurion amp to the Jupiter, and when using the amp, anything I could hear I could work. Kinda took the skill out of it, LOL!

About This Site

For the greater part of my professional life I have worked as a software developer. The last 10-12 years have been spent as a website designer and developer. So, this site qualifies as a sample of my work!

However, beyond that, I intend this site as a venue for presenting ideas and applications for use by hams. Many will appear old hat, but hopefully with a new twist to justify the effort.

On the server side this site makes use of PHP and MySQL. On the client side it is a mixture of HTML or HTML5, CSS or CSS3, Javascript, and jQuery. These are all industry standard development tools and languages.

If you like what you see and wish to have your own comparable website, I am available as a freelance designer/developer for hire. I can register a domain name for you, host it, and build you a basic custom website for a onetime fee of $250 plus a recurring annual fee of $20 to handle domain registration and hosting costs. You can contact me here.

I also do graphic design, including branding and logo development. I design my own QSL cards, a few of which are shown below. You can purchase one of my custom QSL designs. See my QSL Cards Page for details.