Here is my projects page. These are pretty much all software and website related projects, consisting of various widgets and applications. Not many of these can be termed original, but all add my own 2-cents worth of customization to an existing idea. Thus, my version of the N0NBH solar band conditions widget looks a lot different from Paul's own widgets: mine was designed to provide only basic band condition information, and to provide it in a light and pleasing style.

A number of these "apps" make use of MySQL server database technology, which opens up a great deal of query and reporting options based on the SQL database query language. An example is my "Callsign Prefix" database (essentially, a DXCC countries database), which uses a standardized table presentation designed by me, which allows for sorting, paging, and other niceties of presentation that a static listing does not.

So, here are links to each project page, with descriptions and embeddable code for your own website. Enjoy!

BANDPLAN: Amateur Band Frequency Allocations, 160m-2m   This is a variation on the ARRL's Amateur Bands Frequency Allocation graphic, except that this is more compact and utilizes a uniform band presentation template. Each band is presented in a separate "tab" and each band shows the allocations for all five U.S. amateur license classes.
SOLARCONDX: The N0NBH Solar Conditions Widget   This is a variation on N0NBH's well know solar conditions widgets. The ideas behind this version are to present a minimal amount of technical data while showing band conditions in a different presentation style. Thus, the use of a light background and various other background colors to denote conditions.
PREFIXES: A DXCC Database and Search Engine   Here is my take on the searchable DXCC prefixes database. Same data as many other such databases, but with exhanced search, sort and presentation options. This facility is included free with any ham related website that I develop. (NOTE: I discovered an HTTP POST eccentricity that caused the search to not work; this is now fixed.)